Wednesday, January 12, 2011

3 Things that i have learnt in today's lesson

1.Difference between first-angle and third-angle drawings
a) a drawing in 1st angle would have the plan drawn below the front elevation and the right hand elevation drawn on the left of the front elevation.
a) 3rd angle drawing the plan is drawn above the elevation and the right hand elevation would be drawn on the right hand side of the front elevation.
2.Sectional views- the object is imagined to be cut by a plane and the portion nearer to the observer is imagined to be removed. This way, the interior is exposed and is shown in continuous lines.
3.Advantages of sectional views
a) Provide important information about the height,materials,fastening and support systems and
concealed features of a structure.
b)Aids in reading and provides information that cannot be given on elevation
or plane views

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  1. Might want to check on some facts of the first- and third-angles projection though.